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Fillibuster Done? Don’t Bet on It.

Without looking below the surface, it’s kinda hard to call a specific winner, here. Seems clear to me the Democrats backed off to reach this agreement, when they really didn’t have to…  or at least that would be my read on the stated issues. I mean, they ha dthe votes they needed to block all the people bush proposed, and they backed off to allow those nominations to the floor. The big question is why.

The answer is simple enough… The Supreme Court.
Look at the stated agreement; No fillibuster except under ‘extreme’ conditions.  Comments about what the Democrats consider extreme aside for a moment, they’re clearly setting things up for a serious fight over anyone Bush nominates that is a constitutionalist. say, Judge Estrada, for example.

And the Republicans, I’m afraid have brought this future problem on themselves by backing off, when THEY didn’t have to.. by bacing up and playing nice when they had the full victory in hand. You’d think they’d have leanred by now that making nice with Democrats only leaves footprints on your back. A lesson the current president’s father leaned not so many years ago.

And I make a prediction to you now; Unless the Senate swings further toward Republicans… which at the moment is a toss-up, this issue will come up again, and the Republicans will be forced to drop the big one, anyway.

Mark this; It will happen.