Boortz, today points up the fact that today starts the David Rosen trial.

For those who don’t know, don’t worry; the reason you don’t know is the press doesn’t want you to know. But, I’ll take care of that.

The trial surrounds the charges that David Rosen as Hillary Clinton’s campaign director in 2000, cooked the books surrounding the costs of a fundraiser for that campaign.  Boortz picks up the chase:

The cost of the event was reported to only be $400,000, but it cost much more. But under the campaign finance rules in effect at the time, underreporting the cost meant The Hildabeast’s campaign could spend more money on their campaign. A contributor told the FBI he gave the Clinton campaign $1.1 million, but they only reported the 400K. So the question on everybody’s mind is this: did Hillary Clinton know about it?

Absolutely, 100%, without question. An amount of that size, that late in the race, when fund-raising is so critical, there is no way Hillary Clinton did not know that her finance director was fudging the figures so that they would have more hard money to spend on the campaign. Her challenger at the time had gotten her to swear off soft money at the time, which is money given to a political party without limitations. The Hildabeast was desperate for cash, Rosen knew it, so he cooked the books.

Looks like Hillary’s bag man is going to fall on the sword for her. And where is the media on this? Can you imagine if this were a Republican Senator? We would be hearing endless cries for his or her resignation. But since it’s Democrat Hillary Clinton, not a peep from the biased, leftist media. If this were a Republican .. there would be scalps hanging on the belt of some New York Times reporters.

As it is, you don’t hear much about this. And you know why, don’t you?