Ann Coulter:

“When they weren’t claiming the Iraq elections would not take place at all ? and, even if they did, the people wouldn’t participate – liberals were telling us that if we let those crazy Arabs vote, the Iraqi people would elect extremist Islamic mullahs hostile to the United States.
Well, the Iraq National Assembly completed filling out the cabinet this week, and it can now be said that this was liberals’ laughably wrong prediction No. 9,856. (Or No. 9,857 if you count their predictions of ruinous global cooling back in the 1970s, which I don’t because that could still happen.) “

She also takes the time to skewer, as I did yesterday, Joe Conoson:

Winning the category of Most Wrong Predictions in the Fewest Words, Joe Conason predicted in the Sept. 27, 2004, New York Observer: “a series of horrifically violent confrontations in Iraq’s cities, a postponement of the January elections, a wider call-up of National Guard and Reserve units, or even a renewed military draft.” And if Bush won a second term, Conason said: “Beware the ‘November surprise’ that will begin to bring home the true costs of his feckless adventure.”

Conason’s feeble litany of harebrained predictions reads like a haiku of bum steers. No increase in “horrific” violence, no postponement of elections, no draft, no “November surprise.” (OK, there was one “November surprise” – but only for the Democrats. It happened on Nov. 2.)

Great stuff as always. A must read.