Eric Florack on May 20th, 2005

I have had problems With Telegraph writer Tom Utley in the past… and in fact I’m a little put off by his headline here… “How strange to find Christians who practise what they preach ” However, read the story. In an earlier post today, I quoted the Archbishop of Denver. This is the kind of […]

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Eric Florack on May 20th, 2005

FOXNews says: WASHINGTON — A U.S. congressional committee has drafted a bill that threatens to withhold tens of millions of dollars in dues from the United Nations (search) unless the world body conducts wide-ranging reforms, possibly setting the stage for a funding battle like the one that plunged the U.N. into financial crisis a decade […]

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Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. who is archbishop of Denver, at this mornings Catholic Prayer Breakfast; We need to understand that in the early Church, those words – “Jesus is Lord” – were a political statement. The emperor claimed to be Lord both in the private and public lives of the citizens of the empire. […]

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Eric Florack on May 20th, 2005

KJL notes the MOVEON ad, showing Frist blowing up the Capitol and asks:”WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? ” Clearly, KJ, you have not been listening to Howard Dean or Err America of late. This kind of extreme is not new for them.

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Eric Florack on May 20th, 2005

In response to some E-mail; Look, let’s lay this filibuster thing wide open. The Democrats got handed their butt in a basket last election… particuarly Tom Daschle. They got themselves ousted for one reason: Their obstructionism. The voters got tired of it and voted for more Republicans. Now is not the time to wimp out […]

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