Jon Henke over at Q & O this morning notes a post from Reynolds, who in turn makes note of Hitchens basicly kicking the Pope when he’s dead.

As Henke goes to some lengths to point out, Hitch is known for this kind of idiocy. (I won’t bother quoting it; I assume most of my readers have been exposed to Hitchens in the past. Do go read Jon’s post, though)

However, is there something deeper going on here? A look at some of the other reaction around the MSM this morning is instructive. With the exeption of FOX and the Catholic networks, (both radio and TV) each seems to be spending a great deal of time calling for a more liberal Pope to be elected in this turn.  Now, first I’ll suggest that’s not likely to happen, given the number of Cardinals that John Paul II put into place over his years.  But it seems to me this MSM effort to liberalise the church from without is part and parcel of what Hitch has been doing for years.

Consider the list of people Hicthens has gone after in his time… as Henke points out…Winston Churchill, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan. He even spent an entiure book trashing of all people, Mother Teresa.

Henke points out in an update that his objection to Hitch in this case is his wilingness to speak ill of the dead. I have no problem with that, personally.  If someone was a bastard in their life, I have no problem with saying so.

But, perhaps a look at the dead he targets will explain much. At what point has Hitchens ever gone after someone who wasn’t a middle-to-right icon in this fashion?