Kurtz At The Corner adds on to yesterdays post about the Democrats and their attacks on the Christian Right. He notes a conference being set up at CUNY, by among others, People for the American Way, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, The Nation, The Village Voice, and the National Council of Churches, and says, correctly:

After the election, there was some talk of Democrats reaching out to Christians and toning down their language of attack. This conference shows that the Democratic left is determined to go the opposite route. The strategy seems to be to tar the Republicans as captive of Dominionist Christians-folks who want to force every American to pay church tithes and bring back capital punishment for blasphemy and witchcraft

Even Harry Reid this morning is saying it’ll take a miracle for the Democrats to win back the Senate. Personally, I figure it’ll take one for them to hold onto what they have… and given the way they’re playing the Religion angle, I tend to doubt a miricle will be forthcoming for them.