Boortz, today::

You could possibly be a victim of the Death Tax .. though you might not be aware of it.  Just own a simple farm in the Midwest and you’re in the crosshairs.  You might expect that your heirs will be able to keep the farm when you die.  Not with the Death Tax hanging around.  In far too many cases the farm is just worth too much.  It has to be sold so that the family will have enough money to pay the Death Tax.  Now that’s the American dream, right?

“I have to give the Democrats an attaboy here.  They’ve come up with a nifty little rhetorical gimmick to make any attempt to permanently repeal the Death Tax nothing more than pandering to the rich.  They’re making Paris Hilton the symbol of repeal of the Death Tax.  If the Death Tax is repealed Paris Hilton will be able to inherit her share of the Hilton Hotel fortune without forking over half of it to the feds.  Never mind the thousands of small farmers, land owners and small business owners who will be victimized by the Death Tax this year …. let’s focus on that ridiculous tart Paris Hilton.”

It’s time for the death tax to die a death worth writing songs about, Gang.