WHBF in the quad cities is looking for some help for this little girl…

“Meet Caitlin Couppee. She is a 12-year old girl who loves to draw and to play with her dog Mighty.

“She only chewed my McDonald’s toys,” says Caitlin, “which really didn’t matter to me because they were ugly.”

Caitlin has inspired Channel 4 Eyewitness News reporter Katie Taube to begin training to run a full marathon for a group called Team In Training.  At a recent informational meeting, she found out what she’s really in for.  She gets to raise $3200 and in return gets a sore….well, everything.  But she also gets the satisfaction of having completed a marathon.

There’s more in this story of course. Caitlin is in remission at the moment, and the event in question involves many more kids than just her.  But it’s a worthwhile cause. Check it out.