Ace of Spades HQ comments this morning on the news that the author of the disputed Shaivo memo was a legal council in Mal Martinez’s office.

This sounds (And looks, if you’ve seen the actual memo… I have..) like a lower to mid-level staffer banging out thoughts and acting on his own… and being driven by the short time cycles involved.

I gotta tell ya right off the bat… My typing inhales canal water at rates that would make Venice look dry…. but if the guy who wrote this document considered it a formal document, he was either in one hell of a hurry to knock it out, or he has worse typing and editing skills than I do, or both. (I know, hard to imagine, but there it is) Had it been checked by anyone prior to going out, (As one would expect with any kind of a formal policy statement, I suppose) it wouldn’t have been nearly so typo-filled.

That factor alone should blow away any more nonsense about the GOP as a formal process trying to make use of this.


Jason Hayes over at Musing, agrees,based on the statements from all concerned, including Tom Harkin… who has been acting unusually human, for him…  saying in part:

“the memo was a worker drone’s working draft that was never ok’d (or asked for) by the higher ups, that was never meant to be released, and was never even meant to be printed… ~ …So it was one guy’s thoughts on an issue and not a whole lot more.”