Jon, over at GOP Bloggers has been having a little fun with the Democrats;

just called Harry Reid’s office. He’s the Democratic leader in the Senate. I asked if there was a Democratic plan for Social Security. The aide said Reid is against President Bush’s plan. I said I was aware what Reid was against but was interested in what he was for. This question completely flustered the aide. She alternated between saying that there was no problem, that she did not know where the Democratic plan was, that I was wrong to say that the Democrats had no plan even though an aide in the Leader’s office wasn’t aware of one, and that Reid opposed President Bush’s plan (that was the most frequently mentioned part of the Democratic position).

Well, THAT says it all.

He goes further…  and I’ll repeat the call, here:

call his office (202-224-3542) and ask where you can find the Democratic plan for Social Security. The girl who answers is sweet, and I feel bad for her that she is put into the position of evading on behalf of her cowardly superiors. But until these Democrats feel the heat of Americans demanding to know where the Democratic plan is, they will continue to get away with not having one and just attacking the President.

Amen, and Amen.  Light the fires, people.