If one reads Robin Givhan’s latest tirade in theWaPo, one might get the idea that John Bolton’s biggest threat is what he wears. Mzzzzz Givhan, is apparently unable to come up with anything more substansive to object to about Bolton that people won’t identify as rank leftist partisanship for which the WaPO is so rightly known. So, she bleats out this, instead;

…when he settled in before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week to answer questions about his record, his philosophy and his intentions at the U.N., he looked as though he did not even have enough respect for the proceedings to bother combing his hair — or, for that matter, straightening his tie, or wearing a shirt that did not put his neck in a chokehold. Bolton was one wrinkled suit away from being an insolent mess.

There’s a few paragraphs more, but I won’t bother. This is clearly someone operating from the “He’s been appointed by a Republican, and I don’t like him. Now, what can I object to about him” mentality. If this is all she can come up with Bolton’s got this wrapped up.

And, Mzzzzz Givhan needs a trip to the unemployment office.

Could it be that the real issue here is that the Democrat leadership, so desperate to keep Bolton from being confirmed, hasn’t come up with anything even arguably substantial… and that as a result Mzzzzz Givhan is operating without talking points?