Billy responds to my question at Q&O:

Perhaps the best way of answering this sort of dichotomy nonsense, is a simple question: Are other people allowed to have and act on THEIR principles?”


That depends entirely on what those principles are. Nobody is “allowed” to, for instance, live by the principle that everybody else should be forced to pay for their medical care.

This person calls it “freedom” when anyone can have their own way at the expense of anyone else.

Two problems, here, the lesser first:
You’re making chocies for them, and imposing your will aren’t you?

See, the problem here is this;

Is it really true that it needs to be pointed out just how wrong that is?

Unfortunately, YES. That’s the whole point. We’re not controlled by some unimind.  That’s BEEN the whole point all along. we’ve gotten so far down this road because there are not enough in the way of people fighting the trend to the left…. articulate people… people of passion.  You (editorial you, in this context) have to convince them of the value of your position. You’re not going to do that by removing yourself from the fight.