Yes, I saw it.
If you didn’t, here’s the text… and a vid link too, I think.

First complaint; I don’t think he hit the Democrat obstruction quite hard enough…. though that’s not a major bitch at the moment. IN fact, I suppose that if he’d hit it any harder we’d have heard about how he was getting desperate and shrill. Still, I wish he’d have said more about that issue.

Secondly on Energy… He’s right, there is no quick fix here… at least in what’s on the table thusfar. The one thing that’s not entered into the mix… and I think he’d be wise to do it.. is to eliminate the EPA’s demands regarding all of the multiple blends the Refieries are expected to deal with… at least until such time as we get more refining capacity online.  It’s the one thing he can do to lower gasoline costs in the short term… and it will show in rather dramatic fashion just how badly the EPA’s nonsense has been futzing us up.

Social Security; He’s still hitting that one, though he’s not having to hit this one very hard… the ideas he’s put out… Personal accounts… are polling well even before last night.. even among longtime Democrats. The Democrat Leadership, particulalry in the Senate, in my view, are in a hard place on this one.

Overall, a good performance.

Much as he doesn’t like doing them… he reportedly hates setting up for them… Bush tends to loosen up, and really gets in command of the room, once he gets in there and gets started.

As an aside…I understand this reaction, very well, and on a very personal level. When I was doing radio and when I was doing DJ work at parties and whatnot, I would invariably get nervous.. Yes, every day of the year… every time you key the mike… and you never really get over it. It happens every time. After a few hundred times, you learn though, that that the trick is getting the butterflies to fly in formation.  But you never do get over getting nervous before an event. Matter of fact, I swore to my DJ’ing partners… that the day I didn’t get nervous before a show was the day I’d quit; it meant the excitement, and the passion was gone.

To tie this back, then… Bush, once he got in there, marshalled his butterflies very well indeed; he always does.  I think he’d do himself a service by doing them more often than he does.

And I saw something in his eye last night; I saw someone who was realizing he was doing well…  I think as a result of last night, he’ll be less reluctant in future to do these conferences.

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