Back when Grok was clan leader, I used to be a DJ… both on radio and in a mobile environment. Over the years, I played perhaps 1100 parties of one sort or another… usually weddings. In those days, we were still using records.. and a few of the more enlightened were using a lot of mag tape … and schleping a few hundred of those along with the heavy amplification and processing gear, ( used a Crown D-150 which I still own) and a double set of speakers. All this stuff started getting HEAVY after a while…. I actually messed up a set of springs in my car doing this, not to mention my back.

Numark’s latest invention is making my back hurt all the more. Forget the records… forget the CD’s.(And the CD drives, for that matter) Bring a couple IPOD’s and this board…along with your amp stack… which of coursethey’re also making smaller…and you’re there.


Gizmodo has the pictures and the details… some of them, anyway.