Says C-Net;

Microsoft came under renewed criticism from gay- and lesbian-rights groups on Tuesday after an online report indicated that the company is using former Christian Coalition chief Ralph Reed’s lobbying firm.

Ah, yes… the politics of Personal Destruction, again?

“We’re just dismayed that as an agent of Microsoft, (Reed) might have played a role in the defeat of equal rights for all Washingtonians,” said George Cheung, executive director of Equal Rights Washington, a Seattle-based gay- and lesbian-rights group. Cheung’s group has invited the company’s top executives to a town hall meeting this Friday to discuss the company’s future activities.

A company spokesman said Microsoft has used Reed’s consulting firm continuously since 2000 on international-trade and competition issues. That work had nothing to do with the Washington state legislative issue, the spokesman said.

“They have never advised Microsoft in any way on any social-policy issues,” spokesman Mark Murray said. “Those are two completely unrelated things.”

Sounds like Microsoft is getting weary of being the fish stuck in the homosexual-extra rights group’s blender.