This one’s for those who thought I was busy ass-kissing over at Q&O…. Sorry, wrong answer.

MCQ sounds rather like a Democrat when he asks; Why are they defending Tom Delay?

I’ve made several comments to his question, there.

The first clue about this, is to be very careful when Democrats start complaining about ethics. Remember, gang, nearly to a man, these are the same people that defended Bill Clinton. When these start in about ethics, their complaint in reality has nothing whatever to do with ethics, and is more likely political opportunism.

As Mark Noonan suggests:

The Democrat/MSM hope is twofold: First, by bringing down Delay with spurious charges, they hope to intimidate all Republican officeholders; second, they hope to start a political snowball which might result in a Democratic take-over of the House in the 2006 midterms (you know, make is appear that there is vast scandal in the House and get people in a “throw the bums out” mood ala 1994)

Mark has more including some follow on with Novak, by the way, which shows just how rooted the Democrats are in this.

And lest we start arguing that my defense of DeLay is a blind one, let me remind you of something I said about a week ago to Billy Beck:

I have been outspoken in my support of the President, and of a goodly portion of the Republicans… not because I hold any affinity with them simply because they’re Republicans, but because I see them, on the whole, as working toward the end of the reduction of government to it’s original purposes… at the moment. moreso than any other force being brought to bear at the moment.

At the moment, they are going the direction we need to go. When I see someone come along that has a better chance of providing what I seek, at that point THEY will have my support.

The Democrats see DeLay as being the point man on an effort that has been keeping them in their rat holes… and that, my freinds is good for America. Delay is outspoken and effective toward the goals of smaller government… and the leftists see this as I do… and that’s exactly why they’re attacking him.

The attacks on Delay are naught but an opportunistic hit by the Democrats… and I will not join in the calls against DeLay because I see them clearly as not advancing the cause.

It’s that simple, that direct.