Captain Ed, who has been all over this Gomery investigation like Ugly on Hillary Clinton, says that there is now independant corroboration of the illegal cash transfers to the Canadian Liberal party. Captain’s Quarters suggests Canadian Conservative Leader Stephen Harper won’t wait for Gomery to complete his report to react, but neither is Harper jumping in the boat with the PQ who have been calling for an vote right away.

Harper aparently figures to maximize the swing in the election by waiting for some added testimony (And the resulting reportage) to swing popular support away for the liberals. No dummy, this Harper fella.

My take is that Martin and his party are toast…. regardless how Harper plays it. and that a no Confidence vote in Canada is one or two news cycles away, no more. The only question I can think of to all of this is how far things will swing away from the liberals.  From what I’m seeing on some of the newsgroups… particularly the Yahoos, Canadians are PISSED… and rightly so.