Pravda West, otherwise known as the WaPo is amazingly reporting something positive about President Bush. Only reason I can think of that they’d do such a thing is that they don’t consider that it’s all that positive a thing…. (Actually increasing energy output is never lauded at a liberal paper such as WaPo) …but I do, and you should.

The president plans to prod federal agencies to work with communities to encourage the construction of new refineries at closed military bases. Because of the cost associated with building new refineries, most companies have chosen to expand production at current sites instead of building new ones. The White House officials said there is concern that refineries are approaching maximum capacity at current sites.

This is exactly the kind of thinking that’s needed.

Look; Let’s call this what it is; Bush going over to mess up the knees on his pants on some Saudi carpet isn’t going to solve the pump price issue. The Saudis are not the issue here.

The fact is, our current crude stockpiles are ~6% higher than they were a year ago.  Yet the prices at the pump are far higher than the difference in crude prices though the period. And the reasons simple enough;

Trouble is, cars don’t burn crude oil.
Lack of refining capacity is the issue.
We’ve not added a refinery since 1976. It’s about time we did, and this proposal from the President is spot on to solving the problem. Applause from here.