I’ve had some added time these last few days to conisder this blog’s status.
I’m pleased with the way things are progressing, overall.

  • The recent Instalanche regarding the A-310 post I put up is still resounding.
  • BitsBlog has also recently been linked again just yesterday by Slate. I suspect this is a hidden bonus of the Instalanche of the other day.
  • Daily hits (On weekdays) are running around 250, which isn’t bad at all; Overall, this makes for an ADH rate of around 150. These numbers are about 50% over last year’s figures. These numbers are still trending upward.
  • I’ve been watching the hitlogs, and it looks like I’m getting around half my traffic from the search engines… Of those, Google seems the biggest contributor. This is an interesting trend, and is a shift away from other blogs, where I’d been getting a bigger percentage, previously. In raw numbers, (And discounting Glenn and Slate) links from other blogs still account for the same number of hits I got a year ago. What’s changed is I’m getting more hits from the Search Engines… nearly double the number. I assume this is due to relative page placement on searches. (BitsBlog is at or near the top of most of the Google hits I get. ) What is harder to judge is how many of these google searchers actually come back later.
  • Blogger seems to have it’s act together at last. The last week or so has been pretty much seamless. Given the momentum I’m seeing in Google, and the costs, ($0.00) I’m not inclined to go to another service (thereby changing the address) at this point, though that might change if they screw up again.
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