Well, now Sanders has come back all bent out of shape that he’s being held to the same standards he champions in the case of Republican Tom Delay.Bennington Banner puts it this way:

The way Rep. Sanders has reacted to the revelatons, we think, indicates that he realizes how the situation looks. He claims the story was a lie, although the information came from public government records and was confirmed by his own staff, and he does not refute any of the facts in our report.


If Rep. Sanders believes the payments are on the up and up, a completely acceptable practice, he should come out and say so, instead of threatening not to speak with the media.

Add that to the list of leftists who are learning about Glass Houses.

Now, look, Bernie and the rest of you; If you think what Delay is doing is so wrong, then change the law. But now apparently we know why you’re unwilling to do that.

And we also know what your attacks on Delay really are: Pure Political opportunism.