Clif May over at The Corner on National Review Online writes regarding a recent appearence on the BBC with Peter Beinart:

Peter is smart and I like him but he said something I just found weird. He said that Bolton should be disqualified because he had been “disloyal to his subordinates.”

Is there something I’ve missed in my reading of Peter Drucker and other management gurus? Since when is the goal to demonstrate loyalty to subordinates? Shouldn’t the goal be for subordinates to show loyalty to those they’re supposed to be working for?

OK, look, I know the left has been passing stories abut the man chewing out subordinates with some frequency. They’re doing everything they can to defeat the man…and I guess some weird statements are going to come out of that efort…But being disloyal to them? Oh, please…. I mean, we’re reaching here just a bit, nu?

What Cliff was witness to, is a decidedly socialist tilt of Beinart, of course, but of the Europian mentality, as well, wich I suspect Peter Beinart of playing to, in that case. Clearly, there is a completely different mindset at work, where employers are the underlings and the employees are the ones who need loyalty.

Of course, as May points up, this is the same mindset that figures President Bush should only put people into his cabinet that disagree with him and his policy, so I supose that should be a clue, to their thought process as well.

Personally, I have tended to dsmiss such nonsense as political positioning. But I’ve finally come to the conclusion these idiots realy think this way. I’m not sure I want to be driving on hte same highway as someone quite so diconnected from reality.

That diconnect didn’t stop them from voting for Kerry last cycle, though.