Georgie Anne Geyer today, writing about Pope John Paul: “His support of the Solidarity Free Trade Unions would seem to be, first and foremost, political. It was his trip to his native and beloved Poland in 1979, just a year after his investiture as pope, that set the country spiritually afire against the communists. For […]

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Eric Florack on April 6th, 2005

Ed at Captain’s Quarters says the Toronto Sun now has developed it’s own sources for Adscam info. This keeps getting better.

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Eric Florack on April 6th, 2005

Little Green Footballs notes the passing of Saul Bellow at age 89

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Eric Florack on April 6th, 2005

Hey, Glenn; Ya blew it…. Bigtime. I’ve seen the Cornyn speech on C-span this morning. Cornyn deserves none of the abuse he’s getting from the left… at least insofar as this subject goes. And you’re so far off base on this, I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t by some intent, or pre-disposition.

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Eric Florack on April 6th, 2005

Here’s a switch hit; I’ve always been mildly interested in player pianos, and Merry-Go-Round organs that play by player rolls. By extension, then, I’ve also been interested in MIDI files… since the days of the C=64 and SID files. Here’s a link you’ll wnat to see. Apparently this guy takes old palyer Piano rolls, and […]

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Eric Florack on April 6th, 2005

Colorado Conservative says Prince Rainier of Monaco, has died.

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Eric Florack on April 6th, 2005

Beck, who spends a bit more time than I do on planes, has some added into about the Airbus bit I ran recently. Apparently, they plan to re-open the investigation into the crash of 587… as you may recall I expected they would. Details/links at Two–Four

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