Wing Nut Echo Chamber was apaprently watching Russert get his head handed him on Sunday… as was I… and I doubt I can write it up better than he…

Tim Russert hosted Donald Rumsfeld and Teddy Kennedy on this morning’s Meet The Press. Rummy was outstanding, he handed Russert his ass repeatedly and respectfully on questions of Abu Ghraib, troop strength, insurgency, etc.

Teddy, who never shared the stage with Rummy, was as to be expected, a blathering fool. Believe it or not Russert tossed about as many high hard ones as he tossed cream puffs to fat Teddy, whose earlobes appear within moments of being completely subsumed by his jowls.

With each day that passes I’m ever more thankful that the Party of Teddy opened a big package of shredded ass on Wednesday November 3rd.

Amen, brother. Amen.