In case you didn’t remember, this is the one year anniversary of the Train Bombings in Spain. There are several points about all this that need discussion.

First, the Spanish Islamic Commission has taken the extrodinary step of issuing a fatwa against Osama bin Laden. World – Times Online has the details on that.

Secondly, I find of interest the political and social developments since the 3/11 attacks, as compared to the attacks against the Pentegon andthe WTC.  Whereas the attacks against us caused us to come together, the attacks in Spain have apparently had the opposite effect. Amazingly, the people noting it are on the world-wide Left. Take this report from the CBC, as an example:

The event has unsettled the country where a year-long investigation into the bombing has collapsed under mistrust, accusations and deep political division. The government’s remembrance ceremony has been marked with squabbling, and victims of the bombing say they will not participate, refusing to become an “anniversary photo opportunity.”

So let’s nail this down.
Here in the US, we have a center-right leader.  Someone who stands up and says “We going after those who did this”. The country rallies behind him.

Spain, on the other hand, reacts in fear, and falls into division.