Boortz today makes mention of the ANWR vote yesterday.

“Make no mistake .. there is a huge, almost insurmountable level of ignorance about ANWR.  You’ll hear people talk of gently rolling grasslands, pristine rushing streams and waterfalls, snow-capped mountains.  True … some parts of ANWR fit this description … but not section 1002 .. the section originally set aside for oil exploration.  In the Winter .. the only time that vehicular traffic will be permitted across the precious frozen tundra … section 1002 looks like an iced-over dirt field.

I’ll concede that there are people who are opposed to oil exploration in section 1002 for purely environmental reasons.  These people are deluded and ill-informed.  The rest of the opponents are lying to you about their motives.  Their goal is to make sure that America does not alleviate its dependence on foreign oil sources, to weaken America’s economy, and to keep high gas prices as a campaign issue.”

The fastest way to get opec to lowering price is to convince them we can and will source our oil domestically. Watch for pump price to start dropping before drop one of oil coes out of ANWR.