Kevin Drum today makes me wonder why I bother…. other than I can generally use a good laugh about this time of day. Says Drum:

HE SAID, SHE SAID….Dan Froomkin reports today that there will finally be someone at the White House who can act as a counterweight to Karl Rove. Unfortunately, that person is Karen Hughes. Here’s the “balance”:

While Hughes is utterly devoted to Bush, Rove is utterly devoted to building a lasting Republican majority.

10-4, good buddy. Guess I’ll break out a tall boy for this celebration.

So, in response I asked him…

So, am I to read here that your main complaint is that both Hughes and Rove are (Gasp!) Republicans?

Let’s test your devotion to balance, shall we? Can you envision having a staunch Republican voice such as Rove, on a Democrat administration?

I can’t wait for the response, assuming he has the courage.

I doubt it.