The Cocktail Hour says I’m with Beck…

Sorry, guys, I’m not with you on this one.

Look, Just because I’m trying to talk someone out of taking a stupid action…. like trying to attack me and mine, for example…. doesn’t mean I’m not going to kill him stone dead, if he decides to attempt it, despite my warnings.

By the same token, then, (and somewhat less violently) I see nothing inherrently wrong with warning lawmakers they’re taking an unconsitutional action, and warning them off of it on that basis. Just because I take the time to warn them of such, doesn’t mean I’m not going to break the law should they establish it.

On that basis, I’ve signed the letter, today.
A show of force on this stuff never hurts.
Assuming they wake up under that show of force, (and I think they will) the Consitution, and freedom, have a larger victory than it would with a small bunch of cranks walking off on their own. I’m willing to bet many on that letter think the same as I on this point.