Captain’s Quarters gets into this bit with the Italian Journalist, Giuliana Sgrena.  Ed, in short, feels that we’re dealing with a lack of communiation.

I concur.  AS Ed describes it:

It appears, so far, that what happened is that the Italians came up to a checkpoint that they hadn’t anticipated on a road that is the most dangerous in Iraq. Not sure of who the people were waving for them to stop — remember, they were still a ways off — they intended to drive straight through it to get to the checkpoint they knew. The Americans tried warning the car and when it failed to stop, shot out the engine with a few rounds from an M-16 or similar weapon. The rounds bounced through to the interior or missed their intended target and went straight into the cab.

Try it this way; You’re on one of the most dangerous highways in the world for Car-bomb suicide attacks.  You’ve got a car speeding toward your checkpoint, refusing to stop when told.

Think fast; what do you do?

And what is this about the Italians caving in to Rransom demands?

UPDATE: Ed’s just on fire with this one today.
He writes that Giuliana Sgrena’s working for Il Manifesto, which as the name sugegsts is an Italian Communist newspaper. Gee, no reason for their wanting to cast Americans in a negative light, eh?