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Paradigm Shift Goes Pan-Arabic

Ace of Spades HQ [1] notes this morning that the Arab press is watching Lebanon closely. Even the Arab press is starting to wonder, says Ace. He quotes the BBC’s website:

“Arab newspapers are weighing up the possible knock-on effect of events in Lebanon on other Arab states, asking whether it is the precursor of the spread of genuine democracy across the region.”

When even the BBC has started to sit up and take notice, we know the Paradigm in the middle east has started to shift… to say nothing of the western left. Ace finds this shift in the press a little disturbing:

“I am now, I think, even more disrespectful of the media than I was before.

Yes, they are dutifully reporting the new optimism.

But they do seem to be stampeding, don’t they? It doesn’t take much to spook this herd and get it to change direction.

I think I’d actually have more respect for them if they didn’t back down from years of previous group-think so quickly. At least that would have demonstrated some spine, or something.”

Thing is, Ace, that’s been the Bush plan all along. This is in fact what has always driven the press… a herd mentality.  Which explains so much of their output over the last several years… a kind of knee-jerk liberalism. What’s happened, here is simple; The reality of the success of Bush’s doctrine toward the goals that liberals have always claimed they were about, IE; Freedom and Democracy.  It’s only the farthest left who still can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the reality of what’s been happening the last couple years, much less cheer it.