As a PC support professional, I find stories of reactions to breakdowns interesting… such as this one from MSNBC

The Ontrack study results parallel a study conducted recently by the University of Maryland’s Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes. A full 10 percent of respondents to that poll indicated that had committed violence against the computers in frustration, said Dr. Kent L. Norman.

“There was one restaurant manager who was so upset with his laptop that he threw it into deep fryer,” Norman said.  “That destroyed the laptop … and deep fryer, too.”

That might sound extreme, but few computer users haven’t considered tossing a misbehaving PC out an office window at one time or another. One respondent in Norman’s study did just that, but left out an important step.

“His mistake was he forgot to open the window,” Norman said.

Ummmm… yeah.
In my own experience a oodly portion of th user’s problems in that area are the user’s FAULT.  Like spilling a 64oz Vat-O-Soda onto (and into) the CPU case. Putting their ashtray in front of the cooling inlets, is another.

I actually had one guy who apparently ran over his laptop with his van…. as it happened, I was able to recover in that case, given I had another computer of the same model and the hard drive wasn’t damaged, though I had a hellofa time getting it OUT of the mess that laptop became under the 2 tons of van.