Ace of Spades says to the ruling released this morning:

She’ll be dead soon. They got their coonskin.

I thought a law authorizing de novo (from the start, i.e., all-new) review of the facts in a state court case would at least merit an injunction while the judge read the record, but apparently not.

It seems to me there was only one sort of law which could have saved Terri. Any law leaving any discretion in a judge’s hands would result in her death.

But what can you expect, I suppose, from a judiciary that holds the law higher than an innocent life? (Note the distinction of ‘innocent life’, those of you who think you’ll build this into an anti-death pentalty argument)

Terri, I’m afraid, will end up serving the American public by exposing how irrelevant the American Judiciary is to protecting Joe and Jane Everyman.