There are times when I’m glad I’m not getting paid to write.  This is one of them.

I spent a couple hours yesterday, and a couple more this morning, attempting to explore in my weekly column, my thoughts about the Schiavo case, but I found I couldn’t do it. Not in the usual terms, at least. I tossed this together Monday morning, and I know it’s going to be a little jagged… it needs some work on the flow. Sorry, I can’t deal with it.

Look, I’ll be honest; I’ve got enough going in my life right now, including a relative in the hospital, living off a feeding tube… (You will recall, my mother in-law had a stroke at age 81 just recently, requiring me to, among other things drive her dog to a new home in New Jersey a few weeks ago….) that makes keeping up with all that’s happening outside my life, nearly impossible. I’m not suggesting any special insights on the issue because of these problems, I merely report this by way of explaining that my time is more limited of late.

In brief, I should say that my thoughts are not emotional. Nor are they based in what the far left likes to cast as a trumped up culture war.  Look, I think Jack Kevorkian a horse’s butt… A fool. Yet, as a general rule, where the wishes of the person in question is fully known, he government should in fact stay out of it.  But not only are the wishes of the person in question…. Terry… Not confirmed, the convictions her husband says she has are countered by her own words and her own actions.

Nor is her ‘Husband’ untainted, here… Money is involved, and some statements from him which have been entered into the public record which do not paint him as someone acting out of love; rather they show clearly someone acting out of malice.

When it’s all added up, it comes to this: The Florida courts screwed up, bigtime, allowing themselves to be bullied by the Euthanasia crowd and their high priced lawyers.

For those who suggest that the Husband’s say shouldn’t be questioned about the life of the wife, I submit that Lacy Anne Peterson might have something to say. Lack of malice cannot be assumed in the Shaivo case, given the number of obvious conflicts of interest.

interesting that it’s the Florida courts again, isn’t it? Well, that’s a connection I’ll have to explore when I’m a little less harried by my personal life, I guess…. But don’t blame the Congress-critters of all political stripes for taking action; Rather, hail them for doing what they saw… Correctly… As needed to protect the rights of Terry Shaivo.

Look, gang, This is not a political struggle, much as the Democrats who are frantically searching for some cause to attach themselves to will claim.. Despite the position of their fellow democrats who voted with the majority. The democrats seeking to make this a political struggle are doing more to turn off the majority of America than they managed to turn off during their most recent losses at the polls.

Neither is this an ideological struggle, unless you consider it ideology that we do not make out unsupportable assumptions the basis for ending someone’s life, as a matter of law.

In the end, this is about Terry Shaivo and her defenders, not getting the same due process and level of defense that convicted killers get.

Terry’s only crime; she was an inconvenience to her husband. And for that, the courts condemned her to a death more painful than any convicted killer today gets, at least in this country. I know; I’ve seen such a death; up front and personal in the extreme.

Sound like justice to you?

So, you’ll forgive me if I’m less than verbose today.  I just know what needs to be done… And the Congress has done it’s job toward that end. They have my support in this. Yes, it’s an unusual step, but this is an unusual situation. 

Let’s hope the courts do what needs to be done, as well. Because I fear for this country both in the short and long terms, if they do not, should Terry burn while the judiciary fiddles.