The STrib is reporting this morning that …

“A DNA match has convinced police that a Chicago electrician who shot himself to death in Wisconsin was the killer of a federal judge’s husband and mother, as he claimed in his suicide note.”

So when do we see an official and public apology from the press and the locals in the Windy, to the supposed “white supremacy groups” they claimed were responsible?

There’s somehting of Karma involved here, too…. for lack of a better word. Consider the 3/11 bombings in Spain, a year ago, just today. What did the Spanish government say? “It’s all ETA’s fault”. 
Here, it’s all the White Racist’s fault.

Both were knee-jerk reactions. Both were wrong. I don’t know fully what the connection here is… but that the two cases are so similar argues to somehting systemic in the way societies and law enforcement and governments by extention, react to brutal crimes.

I doin’t know the answer but it’s worth thinking about.