Brad DeLong still cannot admit it to himself… Check this out:

He quotes Bull Moose:

The admirable passion of activists should certainly be channeled to oppose the dastardly policies of the Bush Administration. But thought should also be given to innovative alternative proposals to the Bushies. Yes, we oppose privatization – but how will we promote retirement prosperity for older Americans? Social security, alone, is an insufficient solution. ‘No!’ is not an alternative program.

So what does he propose? Watch his statement carefully:

But there is an alternative plan on Social Security that is a near-consensus position for Democrats. It has three parts:

Social Security should be preserved–not phased out, as the Bush plan’s “price indexation” formula does.
Social Security’s long-run funding hole should not be closed by benefit cuts alone, but by a mixture of steps that reduce costs and increase revenues.
Private accounts to make it easier for America’s non-rich to build their retirement savings are a wonderful idea if properly implemented and if proposed as an add on to rather than a carve out from Social Security.

Look at the points listed.

  • Keep Socialist Security as it is. (Why, after all, should Democrats give up their power base?)
  • Deal with the problem the way Democrats always do… a combo of raising taxes and reducing services.
  • And finally, in their view private accounts should be over and above what THEY decide is required, not you. You don’t get a choice, and particularly if you’re fairly well off, you’re an open target for their power and money grab known as Socialist Security.
  • That’s not an alternative plan, Brad… that’s simply more of the same, and you know it. Thing is, so do the voters.

    And by the way, Brad…. your typical Bush-bashing isn’t helping your position.

    I’m sitting here wondering why I give this guy the time of day. I suppose he’s a bad example, and thereby useful.