Bob Lonsberry the other day is touching, as he often enough is:

“But life teaches you that time is fleeting and that a year can go and so can two and now nine years have passed and that fast again the game will be done.
When your kid turns 9 and you’re wondering where to buy a Boy Scout knife you notice for the first time that it is slipping through your fingers. That it won’t last forever. That your turn is half over.
That this kid has already logged half his childhood.
And you can’t quite remember ever taking him fishing.
And though you bought him a little baseball cap when he was born, there have been, all these years later, very few times that you’ve actually thrown him a baseball, or helped him swing a bat or pitch a horseshoe.
Or lay down and camp under the stars.
And it takes a moment to remember the last time you made it home for dinner. “

Frankly, Bob tends often to write too ‘vertically’… to too narrow a segment. Not in this case.