Scott Fybush, over at NorthEast Radio Watch notes:

WQHT (97.1) is bringing back its “Miss Jones” morning show on Wednesday, minus producer Rick Del Gado and cast member Todd Lynn, as it attempts to address the controversy over the “We Are the World” parody that the show aired a few weeks after the Asian tsunami. Del Gado and Lynn lost their jobs for their role in creating the song, while the remainder of the show’s cast – save for “Miss Info,” who does the news – ended up with two-week unpaid suspensions, with their salaries being donated to tsunami relief. Station owner Emmis Communications will also make a $1 million donation to the relief fund.

Fybush notes that there’s no mention of this boneheaded move on the station website.. which as he notes, is never a good sign for the talent.  Looks like this isn’t over yet.

But why in the world would Emmis Communications even consider putting any of that team back on the air?