Billy Beck makes mention this morning of the Guckert thing, and says:

It’s not like GanGuckertnon made off with two thousand FBI files or anything.


Normally, this wouldn’t be enough to trip my “blog this” trigger. But I did get to thinking about this again, as a result of his comments, and I wanted to capture the thought;

The complaint here is that the guy was not an ‘official Journalist’, and that Talon isn’t really a news service.

Actually, Talon News Service has been around online for several years… I take their feeds here though I seldom use them; they’re generally behind the ball by a couple days.

But, in looking at the MSM reaction to this story, I can’t help but consider that much of Gannon story is that the MSM is pissed People in Pajamas are invading their private club. Think; Would the reaction have been any different had some right-side blogger been asking such questions?  Well, Gannon was as close to being a right-side Blogger as no matter, given he worked for an online service.  So are Bloggers to be Gannon’ed in the future if they try to attend press conferences? Is this just a turf war, at the root of it?

Well, no. It’s most certainly that, with all the dangerous implications for Bloggers and editorial freedom and information freedom both now and in future….but it’s more… far more;

There’s bias here as well in the MSM, as we’ve always known.. as Billy does a good job of pointing out.  Let’s Demonstrate this bias further. Postulate a John Kerry Administration (Shudder) with Left Side Bloggers asking Gannon-like questions. Think for a second this wouldn’t be hailed as a GOOD thing by the MSM? Do you think for one hot second they’d be raising this much stink?

And by the way; If the Democrats (and I include the MSM in this) had anything else to be yelling about, don’t you think they WOULD be?

What of it, my fellow Bloggers? Do you see this case limiting our access to news makers, and thereby limiting the informational flow to the Public? Must that informational flow always be limited to the small select few?