Bill at INDC goes deep for the big play on this Hume Socialist Security argument the leftie blogs are carping about. In short:

Though the interpretation by lefty bloggers that Hume’s implication is misleading is reasonable, and the final piece of legislation was more similar to today’s Social Security than Bush’s proposed changes, Hume’s specific mention was, in fact, a 100% accurate recitation of FDR’s stated intent for Social Security.

Which should end the argument.

And by the way, Bill makes mention of something I noted:

….it is ironic that some of Bush’s current proposals are similar to FDR’s stated proposal.

Well, now… ironic? Perhaps. But consider this carefully;

Here we have a Republican President, whom the lefties like to label as the new incarnation of Adolph Hitler, making exactly the same noises as FDR… and it’s not far enough left for the leftists.

All this shows us… both the original FDR proposal being re-proposed by a Republican… and the leftists not being satisified with it… is how far to the left politics in this country have tilted…. and how far behind the Democrats have left their icon, FDR.