One of the reasons I got out of Usenet for the most part was the nut cases. The place is simply awash in them. Here’s an example:This idiot actually thinks Hunter Thompson was murdered.

“What is laughingly called “the law” in america says it was a suicide but who’s dumb enough to believe that?.  They’re out to get rid of all free thinkers in america.

(Free thinkers? Unbounded by things like reality, I suppose.)
It gets better. They actually found a way to blame George W Bush directly for it….
Check this;

“People don’t commit suicide.
Guns effect suicide.

About 16,000 times a year. Every year.
Like clockwork.

Bush is pro-guns.
He killed Thompson just as surely as if he had pulled the trigger.

Kerry wouldn’t have let Thompson do it.
Kerry had a plan.

Impeach Bush.
Before it’s too late.

Who will be next to suck on a gun barrel because of Bush? “

Given it’s useless to argue with the insane, I find myself speechless, except to note that they’re Democrats.