The Ward Churchill saga continues on a downward spiral.

Michelle Malkin displays some rather interesting artwork, thta looks rather strangely like that of other folks.

The Kerry Spot on National Review Online quotes a rather annoyed Newt:

Ward Churchill is a viciously anti-American demagogue. He has every right to free speech, and I support his free speech… We should give him free speech by not paying him.

The question here, is ‘What obligation does society have to fund its own sickness?’

We ought to say to campuses, it’s over…We should say to state legislatures, why are you making us pay for this? Boards of regents are artificial constructs of state law. Tenure is an artificial social construct. Tenure did not exist before the twentieth century, and we had free speech before then. You could introduce a bill that says, proof that you’re anti-American is grounds for dismissal.

Quite correct.

But for Mr. Churchill, I’d say a jailcell would be the best place.
Or DNC Chair. I suppose there to be somehting of a simalie there somewhere.