After spending the day, working and taking care of some family health issues, my wife and I decided that it was time to take the Kids to a movie as a treat.  You know how it is; we’ve been concentrating on Donna’s Mom, given her health concerns, and getting her settled into her new situation. Trouble is, the kids more or less get ignored through this process.

So, as a reward for putting up with all of this we went to the 3D version of “The Polar Express” which both kids loved. ANd, frankly, it was more than I had expected, too. If the 3d version shows up in future, and you’ve not seen it, do so. Great stuff.

At any rate, as a result of that chain of events, I didn’t get to my mailbox until quite late last night. (Sorry, gang, the last few weeks has been a bloody nightmare, and geting my mail from the Bithead Box is perhaps a twice daily affair. Remember, I can only hit the box from home.) When I did finally get my mail at about 23:00 last night, I noticed a couple notes from Steve Orr, from the local dead tree news….The Chronic Democrat…. err… Democrat and Chronicle. (Ed- Be nice for a change, Bit)

Steve, it appears, is doing some local flavor on blogging in his Sunday column. I left him my phone number, and we’ll see.
I had wondered who it was from that domain that was checking out the Blog every day. Perhaps it’s Steve, though I doubt it.

Steve has done other web stories before…. like this one.

We didn’t hook up apparently in time for his deadline…. and being an old Radio hand I fully understand deadlines.  I told him by all means, let’s chat… and I’m sure we’ll hook up in future.

What I find interesting is that the local press is taking the time to examine locally generated and maintained websites to this extent. Has the web upset the applecart to that degree?