NY Metro.com. this morning::

“After Iraq’s vote, New York liberals are in a serious moral-ideological-emotional bind. And the only way out is to root for Bush’s victory.

Seriously: The success of the elections poses a major intellectual-moral-political problem for people in this city. The cognitive dissonance is palpable.

New Yorkers think we are smarter than other Americans, that the richness and difficulty of life here give our intelligence a kind of hard-won depth and nuance and sensitivity to contradictions and ambiguity. We feel we are practically French. Most New Yorkers are also liberals. And most liberals, wherever they live, believe that they are smarter than most conservatives (particularly George W. Bush).

And finally, most liberals and New Yorkers suspect that we may be too smart for our own good. It is a form of self-flattery as self-criticism. During these past few years, I have heard it said again and again that liberals’ ineffectiveness derives from their inability to see the world in the simple blacks and whites of the Limbaughs and Hannitys and Bushes. (Why else, the argument goes, did John Kerry lose?)

Maybe. But now our heroic and tragic liberal-intellectual capaciousness is facing its sharpest test since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Back then, most of us were forced, against our wills, to give Ronald Reagan a large share of credit for winning the Cold War. Now the people of this Bush-hating city are being forced to grant the merest possibility that Bush, despite his annoying manner and his administration’s awful hubris and dissembling and incompetence concerning Iraq, just might—might, possibly—have been correct to invade, to occupy, and to try to enable a democratically elected government in Iraq. ”

Now of course this situation is not limited to NYC; Leftists in all the usual blue pockets across the country are finding themselves in the same dilemma, and faced with the same (to them) less than attractive solution…. George W. Bush was and remains, right. And that by extention, they were and are, wrong. Certainly, Delong, for example can’t deal with it, and is in one of the worst cases of denial I think I’ve ever read about, much less seen first hand.  DU(h) is downright comical o this stuff.. or would be if it were not so tragic.

Since Ronald Reagan was in office, and on point after point, the left is being proven to be dead wrong, and in many cases is being caught in outright lies to support it’s position… take for example the forged TANG documents that CBS tried to seel the country 50 days before an election. IN watching the DNC today, you can almost feel the confusion deepening, as the left digs itself in.

Is anyone tracking the suicide rates?