Neil Cavuto ;

“Let me ask you something, do you think you’re stupid?

The reason I ask is that I head a caller on a radio show blasting this whole private account thing on Social Security.He said Americans couldn’t handle it, because they don’t know anything about stocks and will only end up getting bamboozled.

And I’m thinking to myself, what an imbecile. The guy’s all but saying, “Keep the stupid lemmings in the system they’re in. They can’t handle anything else.””

Well, why should that amaze anyone?
Think on this a few seconds… what has been the deal with the Democrats all along? Protect tyhe people from themselves… All those who voted Republican in the last election were stupid, etc, etc, etc.

The fear of Dmeocrats today of course is that the American people will find out, once government programs start getting lowered in impact, such as allowing some re-routing of SS money…that not only does the world not end, but people actually start doing better.

So the reaction from the nanny-state Democrats?
“The people can’t handle it”,a nd they fight tooth and nail to retain power.

Odd thing, this; isn’t this exactly the reaction in the USSR when things started getting out of THEIR control?

Why, one could almost see similar motivation here, huh?