DoesTHIS really shock anyone?

Look, I don’t mind someone making a buck. I just didn’t feel the need to be involved OTOH, the kind of funds this guy was raising suggested a certain commitment to his readers.  Of course that would assume some consistency on Sullivan’s part…. And the only thing he’s been consistent about is extra rights for homosexuals. Everything else, seemingly, is on the table.

Even his arguments about his favorite subject lacked consistency. It was clear to me and to many others at the time that any argument Sullivan took up wasn’t on any kind of moral foundation, or even any foundation’s logic, since even his logical arguments contradicted one another when homosexual extra- rights came up in discussion. But rather a Clintonesque ‘what’s in it for ME’ goal-seeking.  It’s why I took him off my daily reads list some time ago.

This latest event, in combo with the amount of money he’s managed to obtain from the readers he now abandons, seems to me more of the same, and doesn’t shock me in the least, and justifies my original choice of dumping my daily reads of him.

Has it occurred to anyone that the only people who really care about this business are those he’s taken money from?  Well, I have a message for those of you who did donate to his blog, and also for the rest of you… Those who didn’t send the man money, but are still cluck-clucking over his departure…

That’s what you get when, in spite of all indications, you continued to take the man seriously.

And I wonder if this vacation isn’t yet another ruse, possibly designed to cover a hospital stay. Might explain where all that money went, too.