Speaking of Libertarians and Republicans, Randy Barnett over at The Volokh Conspiracy makes the argument that …

…the creation of the Libertarian Party has been very detrimental to the political influence of libertarians. Some voters (not many lately) and, more importantly, those libertarians who are interested in engaging in political activism (which does not include me) have been drained from both political parties, rendering both parties less libertarian at the margin.


This is an argument I’ve made for a long while, now.. that the refusal to take part in the process… by seperating themselves from the mainstream, htey lose influence and are being counter productive to their ends.  To see this angle taken up by someone else is…. encouraging.

That said, that encouragement is balanced againt the idea that Barnett seems to be complaining about Libertarians not being involved in the process (by running their own much smaller party) while admitting he’s not much of an activist, either.  I’m not quite sure what to make of this disconnect, but I’m not overly impressed by his not noticing it.