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Reality: It’s Why Torture Issue Hasn’t Had Political Traction

Yes, I’m just getting cught up on my reading… Hospitals tend to foul my timing bigtime, since I can’t hit the net from inside them.

In today’s catch-up reading, I find a blubr that backs everything I’ve said about this issue:
MSNBC’s National affairs writer Tom Curry writes on Tuesday: [1]:

“Last June, in the immediate aftermath of the Abu Ghraib revelations, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said at a hearing of the Judiciary Committee, “If we knew that there was a nuclear bomb hidden in an American city and we believed that some kind of torture, fairly severe maybe, would give us a chance of finding that bomb before it went off, my guess is most Americans and most senators, maybe all, would say, ‘Do what you have to do.'”

Schumer added, “It’s easy to sit back in the armchair and say that torture can never be used. But when you’re in the foxhole, it’s a very different deal.”

Just so. Of course political pressure form the other Democrats like Levin have silenced this rare rational response from Schumer. But this quote makes the very same argument I’ve always made…  And I hasten to point up that the lack of reality in the Democrat’s response to this issue exemplifies why the Democrats are losing favor with the voters. Given the terror war being waged against us, the voters, rightly so… see themselves as being the foxhole occupants… and so, do not see Democrats as representing their interests.

Wow…. Reality…. a concept!