Someone wrote me a few weeks ago asking that very question, particularly noting my frequent linking to Billy Beck, Q&O and so on, rather frequently.

And this morning, in my inbasket comes Mary Katharine Ham in The Insider Online last night, who writes some lines ostensibly regarding the supposed rift at CPAC. I think there really is no rift in the end, but that’s me.

In it, though is the best answer for my e-mail correspondant, since it gives the best answer I’ve ever seen to his question.

“As a conservative, and a social conservative in most regards, I’m thankful for libertarians. As far as I’m concerned, people who love free markets, guns, and America are welcome in a coalition with me. Perhaps I’m more apt to embrace libertarians because I spend a lot of time with our real opponents– my liberal, sometimes-dang-near-socialist friends. Debating (and I use the term loosely)20-something socialists will teach you to LOVE talking to a libertarian.

Ain’t THAT the truth!