Sean at Everything I Know Is Wrong has a top flight post on the subject of Global Warming, today. The money clip:

“Given that we don’t know whether global warming is even occurring — and if it is occurring, what is causing it — committing billions of dollars and man hours as numerous as the stars to the Kyoto treaty is a big risk. As the Wall Street Journal says in an unsigned editorial today, “But the important point is this: The world is being lobbied to place a huge economic bet–as much as $150 billion a year–on the notion that man-made global warming is real. Businesses are gearing up, at considerable cost, to deal with a new regulatory environment; complex carbon-trading schemes are in the making. Shouldn’t everyone look very carefully, and honestly, at the science before we jump off this particular cliff?” 

Correct; we should.  And here’s the thing; The left, world wide has been pushing this nonsense for decades now… though it started as global COOLING, not gobal WARMING.
Could this be not a situation about the environment, but about POWER?