The Volokh Conspiracy reports the sad news that Jazz Organ great Jimmy Smith is gone at age 79. Here’s the guy who singlehandedly turned me on to the Hammond B3/Leslie 147 combo back in the late 60’s. 

A different style, perhaps but I suppose the best comparison I can make on the sound of the instrument for you is the sound of GReg Rollie’s organ in early Santana records. He used pretty much the same combo during those years.

As for Smith himself, my last exposure to his more recent stuff was by way of an LP he released in late 1985, back when I was doing Jazz radio.  It was a favorite of mine. I was taken, though with his complaints in the liner notes about having problems getting his daugter to appreciate the music he and his fellows were making, as opposed to all the rap nonsense. A real talent, wrapped in Joe Everyman, from what I could see of him. Those are always the best kind.