Captain’s Quarters makes the rather obvious observation that

“The rationale for the DNC’s selection of Howard Dean as party chair has been that he “energized their base,” driving many new voters into electoral politics and creating a juggernaut for his campaign.”

I’ve begun to wonder about this conclusion, however. Let’s consider this. Is it the grassroots of the Democratic party, or merely the far-wacko-leftists that they’ve energized, at the EXPENSE of the real rank and file Democrats? 

This is a question that those rank and file Democrats are going to be asking themselves; Do such people as the “Bush Equals Hitler” crowd, and the Shoe Thrower at the Debate in Portland the other night, really represent the interests of the Democrats? Do rank and file Democrats really want to be associated with a party that (wink wink, nudge nudge) supports the actions of such people?

I think in the end, the answer for most Democrats will be ‘no’. And that means Howard Dean will cost the Democrats votes.